Friday, January 14, 2011

Today we went to Disney land. It was so much fun probably the MOST fun we’ve had … yet? So as soon as we entered we got to the ticket desk, my mom said “we saw you had an add for Disney Land that said 30 euro’s per person. Is that true?” The lady returned her question with “No, it is only if you do your tickets online.” So there was along discussion. With ‘hmmm…’ or ‘well…’ meanwhile I was thinking ‘Let’s just PAY and GO!’ and after a while that’s what we did.

We walked in and headed strait to Frontier Land. My whole stomach was doing flips and stuff. I wondered if it was being scared to go on the rides (I get that feeling a lot but then I just force my self to go on and it is so fun) or excitement. We first go on a Haunted Mansion ride, you should know I don’t remember the first thing about Disney land in California so this really shocked me, the actual ride was boring, it was the stuff you saw though. Dad said it was very different when we turned around the first corner. I was surprised he remembers it that well. It was what like 7 years ago?

I think in the end the end the haunted house was one of my least favorite rides, because it was sort of boring. Nothing jumped out at you. Also in Frontier Land was the main ride our first rollercoaster of the day. It looked so fun and I really wanted to go on it. I was expecting mom and dad to stay behind but they came on almost every single ride! The rollercoaster was so fun a calmer rollercoaster with no loops or big drops. It was still a long, twisty fast rollercoaster though. Once we left Frontier land we headed for the Indiana Jones ride. Placed in Adventure land, the roller coaster set up was AMAZING.

Once we got on it was just a big twist-turn upside down. So much fun there was a well hidden loop in it too! Mt first loop on a roller coaster, by the way. It was just crazy. There was also a pirates of the Caribbean ride…after that we went into Fantasy land I went on the rides I remember living. The tea cups and flying Dumbo’s. Nothing to scream about…literally. There was also a peter pan ride. It grew on me. It was very, very cool, in the flying boat and all. Then we had lunch around 1:20 or so. Once we were done we moved on to Discovery land (my personal favorite).

I bolted over to Space Mountain I was so exited! I should have done it last though, because after Space Mountain mom and dad didn’t go on ANYTHING. Boo. Space mountain was the best though, after we went on Buzz light year laser blast (he he) It was basically like you were in a video game. Rhys was amazing at it (no duh). I sucked at it. My mom beat me. There was also a simulator that was cool. The Parade at 5:00 was very cheesy but I liked it any way, there was also a 5:50 spectacular. It was also super cheesy  the cheesier the better.


vjlloyd said...

I remember when your Dad said you thought Disneyland was the sccriest place on earth. But that was about 11 years ago so I'm glad to hear you had so much fun this time.

maryanncart said...

Loved your comments Julia. I was wondering when you mentioned the cheesie and cheesier rides if you were having Kraft dinner longings? Another box is soon on it's way once I have an address. Love Grandma Mac