Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Pyramids of Giza™

The pyramids of Giza are right out our window, and they're huge. On the first night we got here, I started climbing up to the roof, and i saw the smallest pyramid and said "Oh my gosh thats a big pyrami-" then I noticed the bigger one beside it. "Wow that's humong-" I stepped up a little more and realized that that wasn't even the biggest one. "Holy cow, that has to be the biggest one!" I stepped up further and all of them lit up with a big buuuuuh! from the sound and light show. It was quite overwhelming. We spent the rest of the evening down out on our porch watching the sound and light show; we still had a great view of the Pyramids.

The next day we went right up close to the pyramids and like I said, they're gargantuan! You can see the little people at the base of it, compare the size! The sphinx however, isn't as big as it appears in pictures. Its still about half the size of the smallest of the main 3 pyramids, but it's made out to be almost as big as the middle one. In the top photo, the middle pyramid's right slope points to it's head which is a browny greenish colour. The middle pyramid still has some of it's original shiny casing, while the big one does not, AND it also was built on a small hill about 10 metres higher than the big one. If both are measured from the big one's base height, they both amount to around 455 feet high. Or so our guide told us, it doesn't really match up in any pictures.


Steve said...

Rhys, great review of the pyramids. It is certainly amazing to consider HOW the heck they were built considering the sheer size of the stones at the base, yet the intricacy's of the internal tunnels and rooms. Can you imagine dragging a stone up 455 feet (you and 500,000 other slaves I would guess)? : )