Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Current cubes of yummy old loftiness

In Hungary, they use forint as a currency. We spent 10700 ft. for dinner. How much is that? The approximate exchange rate from forint to $ is 200:1, so take off two 0s, and divide by 2 to get a feeling of the price. There are lots of 'souvenir' shops in Budapest. In most of the shops they sell Rubik's cubes. We think Rubik was Hungarian. He didn't think that a physical cube, with more than 5 rotatable layers was possible to make. Nowadays, there are 6x6x6 and 7x7x7 cubes available for order, made by a Greek mathematician. There were lots of different shapes and sizes of cubes. For example I saw one that had different sized pieces in it. I also saw one that wasn’t a cube at all, but was rather a ball, where you could slide triangles around it.

Souvenirs weren’t the only thing you could buy in Budapest though. There was a fabulous restaurant called Vapiano right next door to our apartment. It was an Italian restaurant and I thought I might die in Italy from the luxurious aroma. The first and last meals we got from the same cook, and they were the best. I think he just put more love into it. The other cook would take one down, thrash it around, and spill some. Our favourite cook, Ákos, would gently stir it, ask about more ingredients, and take care in our meal. Overall, the food there was excellent. Vapiano was unique because you had to go up to the counter to order and they made it right in front of you. After you got it, you put your card that you got when you came in up onto the register, and it loads what you bought onto it. You pay when you leave the place.

Heading back home, the elevator in our apartment was 50 years old. It worked fine, but there were little safety restrictions in it. You could see the whole works, all 7 floors. How did you tell what floor you're on? Look out the window at the roman numerals on the doors and add 2. There was a half floor, and floor 0, which is ground level.


maryanncart said...

Hi All,

Very interesting...I love hearing about your food and the chefs...I will bring the book about eating, loving etc. The author raves about the good food in Italy!!!

Steve stopping over tonight to pick up his mail from you!

Love, Grandma Mac

Mynnette said...

Today is November 3rd here- nite time there, but it is an aupicious DAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 15 YEAR OLD! Hope you never forget where you were on this birthday!
Love to you, Rhys and to you family
Jim and Mynnette

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