Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christmas Bazaar (Buh- zar)

The grand bazaar song (please sing as loudly as possible, the tune of “jinglebells”.)
Warning this song jumps from the tourists mind to the shop keepers mind.

Walking in my shoes,
To the Grand Bazaar,
Following Ri-ick Ste-eves Guide.
To find my way around,
Rhys got a new mouse
I got some new tights,
Dad got some new junky stuff
And it all worked out just fine.

Oh! Back- gamin, puffy pants,
the carpets never-end!
Tou-er-ists, we want your money, and my brother owns a carpet shop! Oh!
Jewelry shops, Shiny lamps ,
Pushy shop keep-ers!
I don’t care where your from, now, how rich are you?

1 minute ago,
I didn’t have that lamp
Now I do ,woo-hoo,
Dosen’t really make a difference.
My hog isn’t that high
So start going down in price,
I don’t know to ba-argin
So I can’t save a dime!

Oh! A smokers street, a gamblers dream,
you can pay the bill.
I-can’t-see, there’s people in front ‘a me, I lost you a-gein! Oh!
Bright co-lour’s, knock-off bags
Genuine fake watch-es!
I don’t care where your staying, now, how rich are you?

I’ll add pictures later! Thanks!


Steve said...

LOL. Fledgling poet in the works...

maryanncart said...

Love your song Julia...Great verse!!!!! Love Grandma Mac