Monday, August 19, 2013

Our Last Day in Slovenia

We dragged ourselves out of the apartment around 10:30 this morning.  It was nice having a lazy day. That was the laziest part, however.  We searched out a food store and had a very cheap breakfast before hiking the 3.5 miles around the lake.  It is a beautiful setting, and the castle builder took full advantage of it.  I couldn't have chosen a better location for a castle myself.  

I have to note, however that this villa on the lakefront was my first choice for purchase, should we win a lottery soon.

The lake has a little island in the middle and is absolutely adorable.  It was hard to stop taking pictures.

We took a "pletna" boat out to the island to look around.  These boats were made after the farmers in the area petitioned Queen Maria Theresa for permission to charge a fee to go to the island.

In the background you can see Tito's villa.  He was the dictator who ruled Yugoslavia for many years.  Slovenians liked him because his mother was Slovenian.  There may have been other reasons as well, of course.

We had a nice lunch overlooking the lake and tried the "Bled cream cake".  It was delicious but very rich.

For our last dinner, we splurged on a wonderful meal at Tito's villa.  Unfortunately, he couldn't be there tonight because he's dead, but it was a great meal regardless.

It's just as we'll we're leaving tomorrow because the wind picked up on our walk home and lightning flashed over the mountains.  It looks like the rain is moving in.


Steve said...

Glad to see things are going well. I am Commenting from my mobile (thanks to Google!). Took a while to remember your blog URL. Great photos.

Tom said...

You ladies need to come home. You are looking a little too comfortable swilling fine wine, dining and relaxing beside the lake.

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