Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Phobia

Yesterday, we visited Agia Sofia and the Blue Mosque. We went to a park and looked at a fountain while mom read us the day's tour we would take. First we went into Agia Sofia. The place used to be a Christian church, and they made it into a mosque because nobody came. In a mosque you're not allowed to paint people so they covered up all the paintings that had people in them, instead of destroying them. It shows a level of respect, because they're not valuable to the Muslims, but the Muslims knew they were valuable to someone else. Isn't that just, amazing? And now that it's a museum, they've uncovered the mosaics/paintings the Muslims preserved so the mosaics' value was applied. Anyway, thats just the first room we went into, heh. The next room was long, with about 5 doors along the right wall. The middle door was the biggest, and was reserved for only the sultan (emperor) to go through. We went through that one. Wow, they say that inside there you could easily fit the Notre Dame in France, or the Statue of Liberty in Egypt (just kidding, New York) if it wasn't holding it's torch. Have i mentioned that i hate high ceilings? I hate high ceilings. There was this one airport back home, and it had an uber high ceiling, with things hanging down from it. (shudders) ughuhuh! And a church in York with a super uber high ceiling, that was gross too. And now, Agia Sofia, higher than Notre Dame, (I've seen pictures) and all the other scaredoms. Yikes. I'm not deathly scared of high ceilings, but i am bothered by it enough to remember which ones bugged me.


Steve said...

Nice summary Rhys. The amount of history that places like Turkey have really opens your eyes to how the world once was. We are lucky as Canadians to have the way of life we have, and to be able to experience all these other wonderful cultures.

maryanncart said...

Rhys...I didn't know you dislike high ceilings...some of the places you've been staying must be VERY comofortable for you!!! I hope by the end of your trip, high ceiling discomfort will just be a thing of the past! Love, Grandma Mac